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Attention to Detail: Hospitality - Property and Casualty


Our client was named in a class action lawsuit in California, alleging improper compensation and work conditions for current and former employees. Their insurance company reviewed the claim and denied coverage under their professional liability policy, citing that violations of unfair labor practices did not constitute a “wrongful act.”


Our experience helped us understand the potential exposure. We knew our client was appropriately covered, so we challenged the carrier’s denial of coverage.


We referred to a professional services endorsement contained in the policy that defined covered services as “…personnel administration and record-keeping in connection with a managed property.” We furthered the client’s position against the allegation, questioning “whether defendants kept accurate records of the time actually worked by class members.” We worked with the insurance adjuster and requested the carrier’s coverage counsel conduct a more in-depth review.


We delivered a strong, detailed review of our client’s position to the insurance company, which helped reverse the coverage denial. The claim was paid and our client was pleased with the outcome.

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