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LOOK UP OR LOOK OUT? | 04/21/2016 | As the discussion over lingering post-recession sluggishness in gaming performance—particularly slot performance—enters yet another year, it is worth taking stock and examining what the... MORE
U.S. ECONOMY BARELY GREW LAST QUARTER, STOKING CONCERNS ABOUT MOMENTUM IN 2016 | 01/29/2016 | The American economy finished the year on a flat note, much as it started 2015, stoking concern about its vulnerability in the months ahead to turmoil in China and elsewhere in the global economy. ... MORE
WHEN CREDIT MARKET CONCERNS ARRIVE AT THE MARKETPLACE LENDERS | 01/29/2016 | A little-known fact of the marketplace lending industry is that borrowing rates on their online platforms are anything but marketplace-determined. Instead, marketplace lenders set the inter... MORE
JLL HOTEL INVESTMENT OUTLOOK 2016 | 01/29/2016 | Hotel deal volumes rocketed 50% to $85 billion in 2015, boosted by a record proportion of cross-border capital and single asset transactions. In all, 53 hotels sold for over $600,000 per roo... MORE
PENDING HOME SALES BARELY INCREASE, DRIVEN BY SURGE IN THE NORTHEAST | 01/28/2016 | After a series of declines, pending home sales, while small, posted a slight increase, largely fueled by a surge in the Northeast, according to the National Association of Realtors. The Pen... MORE