Don’t Take Chances – Take Action

The hospitality industry is under constant pressure due to the economy, health care reform, rising commodity costs, increased competition, and human resource challenges. Managing these complexities while running a successful hotel or restaurant is difficult. JMBI has the expertise to help guide you through today’s constantly changing risk landscape.


With Health Care Reform on the horizon, effectively communicating benefits and appropriately managing eligibility and enrollment are increasingly important because employees are increasingly unsure of the impact.

Bruce Schlesinger

Executive Vice President & Hospitality Industry Expert

Our hospitality clients have relied on JMBI to deliver crucial insights, focused action and meaningful results for decades. Our experience extends from small, independent operations to national, and multi-national, corporations. From benefit eligibility and health care reform, to compliance with landlords’ requirements, to the need for cost management, JMBI offers insurance plans to meet any operational challenge.

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