Real Estate

Real Estate Requires Real Coverage

The real estate industry has complex insurance needs. From slips and falls to natural disasters – risk is everywhere. You need experienced experts to design a proactive plan and skilled advocates to tackle tough claims. JMBI understands the risks and can help mitigate them.


Our experience in real estate means we're able to clearly identify risk and quickly determine appropriate coverages. Our long history with the right insurance carriers means that we negotiate and broker the most cost-effective package. We are experts in presenting solutions to all parties. Our constant focus is on helping to support our clients' business goals.

Ken Sacks

Co-Chief Executive Officer & Real Estate Industry Expert

Real estate is the foundation of JMBI. In over 40 years in the business, we’ve placed coverage for billions of dollars of real estate insurable value. We embrace the role of risk manager, helping clients assess risk while brokering comprehensive and competitively priced insurance plans. Our history of working with lenders, general contractors, tenants, mortgage servicers, lawyers, owners, investors, and developers gives us in-depth industry knowledge. For comprehensive risk management, your solution is JMBI.

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